Genealogy of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin

Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin(1743-1803) Le Philosophe Inconnu

There are 26 individuals and 14 families representing 14 family names in this file.

Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin was born on 01/18/1743 in Amboise (Indre-et-Loire - 37). He was christened on January 19, 1743 in the Church Notre-Dame-En-Grève and Saint-Florentin, « born on the previous evening at the Great Market square».

Godfather : master Claude Rocherot, adviser of the king, prosecutor with the Water and Forestry Board of Amboise and Montrichard

Godmother : lady Françoise Oudin, spouse of mister Claude Javelle, prosecutor of the king with the salt granary of Amboise

This building had two nice dormer windows which have been pulled down since. When the school was established, the ground floor of the building was converted into a superintendent's lodge. The upper floor acted as the residence of the school supervisors. ».

Louis-Claude died on October 14 1803 in Aulnay (Châtenay-Malabry - Seine-Saint-Denis) at the age of 60, of an apoplectic stroke in the country house of his friend the senator Lenoir-Laroche